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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AskTMC.com?

- AskTMC.com is your best resource on the Internet for health information, medical advice, and other health care needs. Unlike The Medical City’s corporate site, themedicalcity.com, AskTMC.com is a fully interactive site, where you can communicate directly with your chosen TMC physician, make appointments or book rooms through TMC’s Customer Service Departments, and do other tasks that would normally require your actual presence at the hospital. 


2. What is a Guest Account and what are its privileges?

- With an AskTMC.com Guest Account, you will be able to enjoy the following features:

Opportunity to ask private questions to The Medical City’s doctors;

Advance notification of The Medical City’s latest events and services;

A private inbox that allows you to send messages straight to The Medical City’s Customer Support service and assigned online doctor;

Ability to comment on News, Events and other Health Information articles found in the site; and

Ability to UPGRADE to a Patient Account, which allows you to keep track of your in-and out-patient records with The Medical City


3. Why should I upgrade my Guest Account to a Patient Account?

- By upgrading your account, you will have access to your medical records (in- and out-patient records) from The Medical City, communicate with your attending physicians through your private inbox, and be reminded of your doctor’s appointments. 


4. How do I upgrade my account?

- You must first have an ACTIVE GUEST ACCOUNT to be able to upgrade. 

You must also adhere to these conditions:

You were once / are currently an existing patient of The Medical City and have an existing PIN (Patient Identification Number). Your PIN can be found in your last receipt with The Medical City, or if you can't find your PIN, simply call the hospital at (02) 6356789 and ask for assistance in retrieving your PIN. You may be asked to personally collect your PIN from The Medical City, which will require showing proof of ownership (e.g. a valid ID).

You were issued a unique VeriCode from The Medical City during your last visit. If you have not received your VeriCode, you may collect it at The Medical City or call the hospital and request for assistance. You will be asked to show proof of ownership if you are not a currently discharged patient.

You will need to log-in to your Guest Account and select the "Upgrade My Account" option. From there, simply follow the instructions for submitting your PIN and VeriCode. Please allow The Medical City to review your information, PIN and VeriCode for a period of 72 hours before the upgrade is complete. The Medical City may contact you via e-mail or telephone if further clarification is needed.